Home Hospital

Home Hospital is led by a team of professionals to provide you and your loved one with special care. We provide 24 x 7 medical assistance, medical equipment and well-traine team of nurses at your home. Our service includes Nursing & Caregiver Service, Pre & Post Surgical Care, Mother & Baby Care, Home Spa and Ayurveda treatment. We strive to take special care of your loved one while you are at work.


Annual Family CMC(Comprehensive Medical Care - Health Guarantee 100)

We give 100% Free Hospital Treatment + OPD Treatment + OPD Medicines + Pathological & Diagnostic Tests for Annual Family CMC Members.

Items Mediclaim from Government / Private Insurance Company Health Guarantee-100 through Crystal Hospitals ltd.
Benefits Only Indoor Hospital Treatment Indoor Hospital Treatment + OPD Treatment (Medicines + Lab Tests + X-rays +Sonography)
Yearly Premium Same Premium as Per Insurance Company Same Premium as per Insurance Company