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Counselling is a form of “Talking therapy” that allows people to discuss their worries, concerns or life problems with a professional, in a safe and confidential environment. The trained professional, called counsellor, helps the individual uncover and identify the root cause for their misery and also guides them to develop a positive state of mind. Armed with this fresh insight and new perspective, the individual is motivated to take control of his life. We provide anonymous support therapy through Audio and Video calls and at-home sessions also.



Arguably, this is the most competitive era that we live in. While on one hand, the number of support systems has declined, on the other hand, there are a whole range of new problems the current generation faces. Given such a competitive world, it is no surprise that most of us feel de-motivated or bogged down with the pressure. It is normal for us to seek help from friends and family to cope up with such situations.

Work Stress

Fed up of slogging hard day and night at work, for nothing? Struggling hard to impress your boss? A tweak here and there in your approach might do the trick. We help you identify the problem and develop a proper strategy to deal with it.

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety fill you with feelings of hopelessness besides affecting your body with changes in sleep and diet patterns. We help you be “yourself” again.

Pregnancy & Post-Pregnancy

Taking care of that tiny bundle of joy besides taking care of career, family and everything else can get a little taxing. We lend you a patient ear and a positive approach to vent out your worries and enjoy motherhood.

Grief Counselling

Losing a loved one can be quite devastating but life must go on. We lend you a compassionate ear to vent out your sorrows and help you find the reason to go on.

Health Problems & Chronic Diseases

Health is wealth. We understand when we lose it. We help you get emotionally healthy and strong to fight the physical ailments.

Behavioural Issues

We understand you have causes that trigger your behaviourial issues. We help you identify them and find a coping mechanism to deal with them.

Family & Relationships

We help you bring that spark back in the relation and help you find common grounds for sustaining the marriage. Your family/ relationship will become your precious assets, not the cause of your resentment.


We provide trained professionals to conduct sessions from the comfort of your home via Audio calls, Video calls or At-home counsellor visits.