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What is a Care+ package?

A typical engagement might commence with your requiring an aide. All Portea Care+ aides are screened, trained and certified to deliver holistic healthcare support at home. Your relationship with Portea is managed by your Care+ Coordinator. Through him or her, all the support you require – physiotherapy, doctor consultations, supportive care from nurses and aides, equipment, diagnostics, and more – are made available to you through a single channel, in the comfort of your home.


When do you need us?

Elder Care

Portea's elder care plans are designed to support elders at home with daily living assistance and health care services.

Kanga and Roo

Kanga & Roo is a post-natal care program specially designed by Portea for new mothers and newborns. Because motherhood should be enjoyable and easy.

Care+ Ortho

Portea’s Care+ Ortho program delivers specialised services to anyone who has just undergone surgery or a serious medical intervention. Because you can trust us with your rehab assistance.

Cancer Nursing Care

Our Cancer nursing care program is designed both for the patient and his or her family. We try our best to relieve your family of its emotional agony by shifting the patient’s focus from confronting cancer to celebrating life.

Care+ Palliative

Our palliative care ensures holistic support at home. From expert nursing and long and short term trained attendant services to home lab tests and emotional support for the patient, you can choose your Care+ package according to your need.

How can we help?

Personal grooming

Maintenance of all physical functions (movement, feeding, elimination, rest)

Daily monitoring

Exercise to maintain appropriate levels of fitness

Activities which connect the patient to the outside world

Light housekeeping and cooking support, if required